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The First Testbeds

Pilot Projects

The PI aims to collaborate to gather data in order to recommend a suite of Climate Solutions for deployment and progress monitoring in locations all over the planet. We call these locations PODs - Point of Delivery. Anybody can be a POD steward and start a Pilot. Your responsibilities are to ensure data is provided and validated so that The PI can measure environmental impact.


We provide cities and towns with The Sustainability Ratings Dashboard in order to connect IoT devices, test solutions and monitor progress.


A diverse first group are in the initial phases and we look forward to expanding this list of Pilots to many more locations by the end of 2022 and beyond.

The City of Saint Ouen, France

The PI is starting with a recommended suite of solutions in a city of 50,000 people in the suburbs of Paris. Saint Ouen is known for its economic and cultural diversity, embodied well by its new mayor, Karim Bouamrane. As France's first Muslim mayor and one of its youngest leaders, Karim has big aspirations for his city and has embarked on a number of Climate & Sustainability initiatives. Selected solutions include city farms, green roofs, renewable energy, efficient buildings, education programs and more. As a former executive from the Cyber Security industry, Karim is well versed in data and privacy, knowledge which will be extremely helpful in monitoring the impact and progress of his climate solutions using IoT devices and The PI's Sustainability Ratings Dashboard, which helps cities test and monitor the impact of Sustainability initiatives.

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The Space Village

SpaceHero is a new reality series that will bring together a global community of aspirational space travellers. The biggest prize ever awarded in media - a trip to Space, will be awarded to the show contestant that manages to pass tests  devising earth solutions (technology, social or nature-based) that can be calculated to Drawdown equal to or greater than the emissions generated in a trip to space. Be an Earth Hero in order to merit being a SpaceHero.

SpaceHero will be filmed in the Space Village, a fully recyclable, fully sustainable and Net Zero construction that will be created on a different continent for every season. If  Space travel is going to be accessible for anyone with the means, we had better figure out how to do so sustainably.

Farmer Holding Fruit

BioDiversity Preservation with NFTs

Putting a price tag on nature has been in debate for years. Perhaps that's what's necessary in order to incentivise people to preserve it.


The PI's next initiative is working with clever young start up Victor.ia - who use IoT devices and Non Fungible Tokens to monetise nature reserves in order to understand and preserve biodiversity. Together we are monitoring nature reserves in:

  • Mexico, a private cactus reserve of over 200 hectares

  • France, a private property with France's Apple Museum which preserves over 50 ancient apple breeds. One of these apple represents the nutrients of over 100 industrially produced apples.

  • With many more locations to come

Farmer Holding Fruit
Indigenous Land Knowledge to Preserve Biodiversity

The Javari territory in Brazil is the size of Portugal and is inhabited by the Javari Tribe, its stewards and protectors. Using IoT devices to gather knowledge guided by the people who know the land, documentary filmmaker & conservationist Celine Cousteau helps communicate the lessons gathered in order to make this indigenous land expertise observable and repeatable around the world. 

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Tackling Plastics in The Nile Tributaries

Like many rivers of the world, The Nile is becoming increasingly polluted with plastic waste. One Changemaker Hela Mansour is tackling the challenge through creating new revenue opportunities for the local people. We are raising funds to install a plastics recycling facility which turns waste into materials that can be used for 3D printing. Citizens can earn money collecting waste for recycling and provide the local community with a manufacturing facility of durable plastic goods.

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