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We Need Everyone

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This is the first time a global effort has been launched to recommend, deploy and measure macro environmental impact of climate and sustainability solutions by geolocation, in every location on the planet. 

We need your help to solve the climate puzzle:

- Support The PI's platform development

- Strengthen our team of scientists, economists & changemakers

- Deploy climate solutions to cities & locations who lack the resources

- Collect data from locations around the world to create Planetary Intelligence & track progress towards the sustainable future for all


Contribute Your Time/ExpertiseMoney/Network

Everyone has a role to play in the global mission to Net Zero Emissions and a Sustainable Future for All.


Please help us by making a contribution large or small. Send us an email at info @ if you would like to get involved locally or internationally. We are looking to make contact with every location on earth to start deploying and scaling climate solutions.


You can help solve the  Global Puzzle of Climate Change.

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