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About The PI's Solutions Engine

We already have many of the solutions to climate change. We just have trouble figuring out which combination goes where. The PI will recommend the right suite of solutions for Your Area of the planet, guide the deployment and measure impact. This will teach us what works where. AI will help us scale climate solutions by telling us "where else" that suite of solutions should be deployed. That's how we Map the Path to Sustainability.

Our recommendations are primarily based on Project Drawdown's research of the Top Solutions to reduce global warming ( However, the providers of those solutions are hard to find. We aim to bring them together on a single, open platform and help deploy and measure impact your area.


For Countries

There are 52 Micro Climates on earth, and several may well exist in your country. There is no one solution to Climate Change - there is a mosaic of solutions that all interact with each other in mysterious ways. The trick is to test many solutions, measure their impact, and drive progress based on what works. There is a suite of technology, nature and social solutions that is right for your people and country. Give us a chance to help you find it.

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Towns & Villages

Towns are smaller cities - 50,000 inhabitants and below. With smaller populations we can do many things as a community to reduce emissions, improve quality of life and human wellness. Work with us to find out which solutions are right for your town - and we'll help you on the path to implementation.

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Rivers & Lakes

Sadly, all of the great rivers of the world are now polluted. This means our bodies are also polluted as a result. And the marine life that lives in those rivers are changing and dying. There are many, many options to change that course. Let us help you find the right solutions for your rivers. 

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For Cities

No two cities are alike. The bad news is 80% of all emissions come from cities. The good news is, we can have greater impact if we start to deploy solutions. Cities are categorised by country, climate, population size, topography, access to natural resources, air quality and other characteristics that helps The PI's AI driven recommendation engine provide the best-fit climate and sustainability solutions. Find out which solutions are right for your city.

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Forests & Agriculture

Changing Agricultural practices is the single most important thing we can do to impact climate change. Our soils are dying, our crops are decreasing in quality and yield. This will only get worse. We can recommend simple but high-impact changes you can make to reverse that trend. 

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Air Quality

This is where technology plays a major role. It's also where systems need changing. Not all the solutions to air quality mean complete infrastructural overall. A mix of solutions will make a big difference. Try some of these now. 

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The PI Hosts 100s of Solutions to Help Us Reach Sustainability
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Offer your Solution and Scale Your Climate Solution Through The PI

There are thousands of solutions to climate change and sustainability waiting to be discovered and deployed around the world. The PI aims to make all of those innovations accessible, observable and measurable at global scale. 

Email us today to discuss scaling your innovations: info@

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