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Meet Our Team, Advisors
& Pilot Leaders


Jennie-Marie Larsen
Founder & CEO

Jennie-Marie has worked in technology Internationally for the past 25 years and has lived in 7 countries. JM has founded 4 technology start ups. In 2018, as Co-Founder & CEO of Alchemy AI, a project arose with the Indian Government to use AI in support of rejuvenating the Ganges River that changed JM's perspective on business. JM has spent the past 4 years studying Climate & Sustainability in an effort to figure out how Artificial Intelligence can serve as a tool to solve the complex puzzle that is climate change and global inequalities. The PI is the culmination of 4 years of research, dialogue, study, trial and error. It is JM's mission to contribute to creating The Map to A Sustainable Future for all, People and Planet.


Tony Kenyon
Co-Founder & CTO


Piers Cumberlege

Piers has been investing his intellectual and capital resources in the fight for sustainability for over 35 years. He is an advisor/board member for UN SDGs Labs, South Pole, Engineers Without Borders and The SpaceHero Foundation. He brings his wisdom, guidance and relationships to The PI to ensure this shared solution serves in concert with the UN SDGs efforts in our collective mission to  Map The Path To Sustainability.


Narayan Iyer
Technology Advisor

Narayan is a technologist and long time entrepreneur who is advising the UNDP's Chief Digital Officer & The PI as we scale climate solutions around the globe. Narayan will help ensure The Climate PI's platform serves and learns in concert with efforts of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Narayan is currently working on a Circular Economy start up Boro.Earth which enables businesses to support the sharing economy of unused household items such as heavy exercise and gardening equipment, vehicles and much more. We don't need to buy more stuff. Plenty of us barely use what we already have. Sharing is caring.

Originally educated as a geologist, Tony has evolved his skillset to include technologist, startup founder, architect of disruptive solutions, hands-on engineer, cybersecurity & AI researcher, author. CTO, CPO, SVP Engineering and M&A and advisory roles.

Expert in startups & scale-ups. Product & IP innovation. Building centres of excellence (R&D, Product, Systems Engineering). Product strategy, roadmap, architecture, refactoring, reverse engineering. 
Domain expertise in applied machine learning, blockchain, cybersecurity, automation, cloud/SaaS, networks; which he now brings to the climate transition.


Alexandre Bertuzzi
Founding Investor & Advisor

Alessandro has spent his career growing technology companies to global behemoths. He has grown a Cyber Security company to NASDAQ level, built a Telco to take on the Incumbents in France and many more large-scale successes. He's going to apply his knowledge to The PI in the name of Sustainability, local and global. His personal mission is to use automation & AI to accelerate the depollution of land left behind by the Oil & Gas Industry as they transition from Fossil Fuel extraction. 


Sarah-Louise Penhall

Founding Investor 


Sarah-Louise, the Co-Founder and COO of Alchemy AI, has expertise in deploying Internet of Things solutions, and using machine learning to gain insights into the way we interact with the world's natural resources. Sarah's background is in executive roles within technology, telecoms, and data analytics companies at TeraCode, NetConnect, SoftBank and NeuStar (a Lockheed Martin company). She brings this all to bear in guiding the deployment of Climate Solutions through The PI.

Andrea Rendl, PhD
AI & Sustainability Lead 


Andrea is an expert in Optimisation or "Decision Science", a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI), in which she holds a PhD from the University of St Andrews, UK. She has many years experience building AI-powered decision support systems for industrial clients, and has strong ties to the AI research community. Andrea is very passionate about applying AI to help solve the climate crisis. In her role as AI & Sustainability Lead, she contributes to the technical vision and implementation of the Climate PI, but also wants to build and strengthen the ties between the AI and Climate Tech community.


Martina Hausel
Chief Creative Officer

Climate Storytelling is most powerful through design and imagery. Martina is the founder and runs the Design operation at Element C, named top communications agency in Germany for 2020. She is a thought leader, board member and advisor to the German start up community. Martina brings creativity of thought, design and ambition to

The PI.

Screenshot 2022-05-12 at 10.43.55.png

Hugo Idler

Hugo was the Co-Founder with JM Larsen & SL Penhall of Alchemy AI and is a Founder of The PI. His background is in computer science and financial strategy, having held multiple CFO & CEO roles. Hugo also has deep governmental experience as a former Canadian diplomat managing Germany, Switzerland & Austria for the Ontario Ministry of Trade. Hugo is passionate about devising economy/policy based solutions as an instrument to transition to a Sustainable Future for All.


Salvador Stewart
Sustainability & Climate Analyst

Salvador is a Sustainability Solutions Hunter & Gatherer, highly creative and resourceful. Ask him all about the right solutions for the many micro climates that make up our world. Salvador is a part of the generation that will inherit the earth and sees the future with different eyes. Eyes that believe the world can live in prosperity that is not defined by money, but abundant quality of life and relationships with humans and nature. Salvador is an essential teacher of the artificial Intelligence that will Map the Path to Sustainability


Screenshot 2022-09-16 at 12.24.58.png

Chin-Wu Chen, PhD
Earth Data Scientist

Chin-Wu is a Data Scientist (and wine expert) with a quantitative geoscientific background. Chin-Wu tackles The PI's  geophysical data acquisition, data wrangling, signal processing, and statistical analysis. Experienced in ETL data pipeline building for academic, climate and cloud-based applications. Chin-Wu is an excellent science communicator with teaching and presentation awards and high-impact journal publications. Passionate about tackling climate change with mission-driven teams and data-supported insights.


The Climate PI provides him with the canvas on which to paint his picture of the sustainable future we know is possible.


Leanne Hickman
Chief Development Officer

Leanne is a biologist by training and an Earth Mother by practice. She fights to help Canada find the path away from a Fossil Fuel Economy and a Resource extractor to a beacon of Sustainability for the World. Leanne is focused on teaching the next generation about ambition, charity, community and the importance of knowledge.

Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 11.09_edited.jpg

Michel Hazan   

Data  & Network Security

Al long time security expert and technology start up veteran, Michel held a number of senior management roles in Check Point Software, Tamaya Telecom and Comexnet, Michel brings a wealth of deep data and network experience to The PI. Michel has also been a long time Climate activist and manages local composting and clothing recycling initiatives in his community. 

Screenshot 2022-05-12 at 10.51.28.png

   Estefania Tapias, PhD     
Sustainable City Expert


Statton Hammock
Chief Counsel


Statton has worked at the cross-culture of technology and Not-for-Profit for his entire career. He has a wide range of executive experience with an extensive legal background that facilitates well-advised decision making at the strategic level. Most of his career has been spent working in the DNS and ICANN communities - the governance and infrastructure of the Internet.  Statton has experience creating policy, lobbying and drafting documents that have formed the foundations of data privacy laws, sovereignty and fair-use of its intelligence. Statton is uniquely experienced in International Affairs and Inter-Governmental diplomacy. 

Screenshot 2022-05-12 at 11.12.57.png

Andrea Manrique-Yus
Earth Data Scientist

Andrea is a high-energy, high-ambition, multi-lingual individual with a broad skillset and education. She holds Masters degrees in Cosmology, Astrophysics and Astronomy, Andrea wants to use her learning and experience to help the world understand the right mix of climate policy and solutions necessary to transition to a sustainable and just future for all. 

Andrea is one of The Climate PI's key data scientists and is currently devising data-driven ways to create city portraits/digital twins.

Smart and sustainable cities expert, and business consultant with strong drive and vision. Multidisciplinary background with 10 years experience in research, entrepreneurship and consulting on topics related to digital transformation and sustainable development of cities and territories. Ph.D. from ETH Zurich and work experience in several countries. Track record recognized by Forbes 30 under 30 in 2018, and by Switzerland’s Top 100 Digital Shapers in 2018 & 2019. 


Hela Mansour
Advisor, Egypt

Hela fights to eliminate plastic waste and rejuvenating the Nile River and its tributaries. Support her efforts to create jobs and clean up waste in Luxor. Hela looks forward to COP27 shining the bright light of the world on Egypt & Africa and resilience as we endure the current and daily disasters of Climate Change.


Thomas Reemer
Co-CEO, Space Hero, Advisor

Thomas is the Co-Founder & Co-CEO of SpaceHero, a new reality TV series that aims to democratise space and requires hopeful contestants to be Earth Heros before earning the right to spend the emissions necessary to go to space. FPI & SpaceHero will collaborate to empower those Earth Heros to deploy Climate & Sustainability Solutions through SH's global media network.


Deborah Sass
Co-CEO SpaceHero,
Board Member, World Economic
Forum,  Advisor

Deborah is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of SpaceHero and is a seasoned entertainment industry executive with a unique global perspective on doing business in today’s ever-interconnected world. Throughout the years, she has worked with some of media and technology’s biggest names,Spotify, including the Mirror Newspapers. She has recently been appointed to the World Economic Forum's Space Committee in her mission to democratise and encourage responsible and sustainable space travel.


Screenshot 2021-12-20 at 17.09.34.png

Victoria Trochoux 

Victoria lectures on Sustainability and fights for resilience and land  and human health in Uganda where the effects of Climate Change are being felt by farmers first. 


Adrian King
2nd POC
& Advisor, Indonesia

Adrian has a background in finance and strategy and been working towards Sustainability & Climate Action for decades. In his role as Head of Strategy for The Green School, Bali, Adrian helped expand the concept to South Africa, Tulum and New Zealand. Since he has been spearheading Indonesia's largest Climate Neutral/Sustainability project 'The Alas Straight Climate Initiative' which combines eco-tourism, seaweed & bamboo farming as well as carbon neutral manufacturing. Alas Straight will be The PI's 2nd POC to help the AI learn how some of the highest impact climate solutions work in practice so they may be shared with hundreds of new locations around the world. 


Chinedu Rita Rosa
Advisor, Nigeria

Chinedu brings to The PI a lifetime of work in bringing together different cultures and backgrounds to promote diversity and inclusion. She runs a multi-national wine export business and helps The PI to understand local climate context in her native Nigeria with a special focus on job creation and waste transformation.


Manuel Matutes
Founder of Kei Cities
& Advisor

Manuel has a background in real estate development and the hospitality space, with a global portfolio of hotels and resorts. This background and portfolio led him to found, along with Tarek Al Masri, Kei Cities. A new concept of 100% Sustainable cities that will be built and develop using renewable energy, circular economies and a meaningful role for all citizens. Manuel & Tarek will bring each of these cities to The PI so that we may develop transferable intelligence on Climate Neutrality & Sustainable living for cities around the world, now and in the future.


Tarek Al Masri
Co-Founder of Kei Cities
& Advisor

Tarek, like Manuel, has a background in commercial real estate. Through his work, in addition to founding Kei Cities, a 100% Sustainable City Development project, Tarek has led numerous charitable development efforts in Brazil which were the genesis of the Kei Cities Concept - local people working together in partnership with new technology and indigenous knowledge to create a Sustainable future.


Andrew Clough
Financial Strategist 

Andrew is a Founder/Advisor/Investor with a focus and passion for Impact Investing. He has extensive experience across operations, business development, strategic advisory, private equity as well as ethical leadership. Andrew is an American based in Oslo, Norway for over 20 years and brings to The PI his mission to transition investment thesis towards measurement of climate impact and sustainability from all angles.


Fabrice Gautier
Advisor, Water Systems

Fabrice has been a partner of The Climate PI since the earliest days of Research & Development in 2018. Fabrice founded Alcom Technologies which have some of the most critical and innovative solutions to Climate Change. Solutions from monitoring and optimising the complete water cycle from the roots of trees all the way to our water faucets, to forest & agricultural crop health. Fabrice has deployed AI based climate solutions in multiple locations in France and will be a key part of the suite of solutions recommended to each location The PI serves.


Andrew Speight
Regenerative Agriculture

Andrew is our farming man. An accomplished teacher, advisor and lecturer in Regenerative Agriculture, but most importantly he knows the land and the creatures who live off it. Experienced managing large & small agricultural operations with horses, cows and crops in New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Wales, France, England. This man will teach us all how to protect and preserve the land and the animals while maximising output in present, but more critically, in future. That's what regenerative means. He will be teaching the AI of The PI how this works, and how to understand the essential differences of each special plot of earth.


Morna Wood
Office Manager

Morna comes from Service in the Airline Industry. Her speciality is people, their needs, their uniqueness, their complicated complexities. The PI is diverse and international by design, by nature, by culture. She preserves and fosters our organisational culture of respect, warmth, patience, order, creativity and delivery. It's not easy to understand and relate to different. But the closer you get to different, the more you see how very much the same we all are.

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