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Many of the solutions to solve climate change already exist.


What we're missing is a roadmap to deploy & scale them.


The Foundation for Planetary Intelligence is building an AI powered recommendation engine to help us understand which solutions need to go where, and in which combination.


The PI is the big solution to help us map the Path to A Sustainable Future.


What is The PI?

We already have the global environmental data, the knowledge and many of the solutions needed to address climate change. 

We know where we need to go, we have our true north - 1.5 Degrees Celcius is the globally accepted limit for global warming. We have all the tools we need to get there. What we need is a map to guide us along the path to a sustainable and just future for all, people and planet.

The PI is a shared Platform as a Service that hosts hundreds of technology, social and nature-based climate solutions that are already in operation somewhere on earth. It calculates the real, on the ground impact of all of those solutions. It tells us what's needed and where, based on data and impact measurement. 

The PI tells us what’s working, what’s not, and most importantly, where else high impact solutions need to be scaled around the world. It will help us predict the impact those solutions will have at global scale. It speeds up progress by helping us collectively Map the Path to Sustainability.

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Measuring and Scaling Climate Solutions

The PI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to recommend which suite of solutions are right for individual places on earth. We're here to bring all of the science, data, solutions and changemakers together to collaborate and drive progress towards a Sustainable Future For All.


We will provide access and guidance to validated and measurable Climate Solutions and Best Practices through a shared Platform as a Service. The solutions hosted on the platform address the use and health of land, water, air, as well as social inequities and human wellness.

If you have a climate solution that addresses ANY piece of the Sustainability Puzzle - we want to hear from you and make your solution available to the world for deployment and impact measurement.

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Join The Foundation for Planetary Intelligence and help us build The PI

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The World Has All the Solutions to Address Climate Change

We just need to figure out where they need to go, come together & scale them.

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