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Mapping the path to a better future for people and planet



Planetary Intelligence (PI)  is an open-data platform that recommends best-practices in climate and sustainability solutions by geo-location and local context. 

This AI / DI solution facilitates decision making, selection and deployment of best in class suites of solutions anywhere on the planet.

What is The PI?

We don’t lack the environmental and socio-economic data to understand where problems exist. The world already has all the solutions necessary to address the challenges of climate change. We need data driven decision intelligence to predict the impact of our investments in risk mitigation and emissions reduction with higher confidence. 

PI recommends best-fit suites of nature-based, technology, social, financial and policy solutions per location and context. This AI/DI platform leverages existing best practices to recommend the best solutions for people and planetary health. It accelerates progress by enabling us to collectively map the path to Sustainability.

Forest Aerial View

Measuring and scaling climate solutions

PI’s solution recommender provides critical insights on which solutions/interventions drive value by sector and KPI for decision makers building their ESG plan: prioritising highest impact actions, matching best-practices and projecting results.

A sophisticated dashboard provides easy to understand visualisation of performance against key sustainability metrics, progress/impact from solutions deployed and benchmarks against best-practices by sector. It lays the right foundations to respond to the most extensive ESG reporting standards and sustainability ambitions.

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