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PI Dashboard

The PI dashboard

Building your sustainability plan

For companies and cities building plans and implementing climate solutions, monitoring and driving impact across sustainability and economic metrics is critical for success and stakeholder accountability. Ensuring that interventions, investments and programs positively impact people and planet can seem insurmountable and the quest to access the necessary data to provide proof points can seem overwhelming. 


It is really difficult to define the main challenges that need to be addressed. Once the challenges are selected, how we identify which solutions to implement ? What budget and timeline will be required?

The PI Dashboard is a customized view that will give you observability and insights on progress, powered by the data you need to make informed decisions. 


Prioritise sustainability challenges, define key objectives and identify the best-fit suites of solutions from PI’s recommender to achieve your goals.


Tracking your progress

Your communities of stakeholders are keen to understand your environmental and social engagement and to see the commitment towards your goals visible through progress. 

PI’s Sustainability Dashboard provides visualisation of your plan, the progress on your goals against key people and planetary metrics and the efforts you are making every month, quarter and year. 


ESG reporting 

Standard reporting frameworks (like TCFD) are evolving and converging, but the direction is clear and aligns with key GHG, SBTi targets. Future proofing business continuity includes additional metrics that will soon be universal within business and government sustainability targets - waste, water, circularity, social and governance frameworks will soon be essential. PI uses key people and planetary metrics to guide solutions recommendations and provide decision intelligence for business’ built to last.

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