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About The PI Platform

We are running out of time in our race to NetZero and creating the collective sustainable future for people and planet. It is time to collaborate and accelerate the deployment of climate and sustainability solutions, adjust our mindset towards the solutions and not the problems. Let’s build a world where people and  planet prosper in harmony.

Today there are millions of people around the world investing in the solutions and best-practices we need for our sustainable future. But these solutions are being deployed and tested in silos. There is an urgent need to start mapping our future deployment paths based on existing best-practices. 


To help accelerate the transformation of our society, of  communities around the world towards a more resilient system for people and planet, we must come together and collaborate. We need to share broadly the critical insights to help decision-makers to deploy the right suite of solutions for their context. 


AI/DI platform

The PI leverages artificial and decision intelligence to analyze and understand which solutions work in what context (micro-climate, industry, socio-economic environment…).  

Leveraging Earth Observation data and real solutions implemented, PI identifies for each use case, the challenges faced by the “nano-climate” and local context. The most efficient solutions will be recommended based on what has been implemented in “look-alike” geo-locations.

Decision Intelligence (DI)

The PI is an intelligent platform that allows policy makers, companies, organizations and communities to make more informed decisions, leveraging simulations and impact predictions based on tested best-practices data. Each user will be able to select challenges on which to focus and the sustainability solutions best-suited to their constraints.

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Use Cases

For Sustainability practitioners

PI provides access to benchmarks, analysis and recommendations based existing and successful implementations. Easy access to a broad range of challenges and solutions to guide your customers based on their constraints and KPIs (location, industry, size..).

A dedicated dashboard per client centralizes the planning process across sustainability metrics and goals, solutions implemented, and progress tracking against defined objectives.

Sustainability practitioners

For Corporates

PI provides your sustainability team with a powerful tool they need to build a customized Sustainability Plan. PI's proprietary AI platform combines your key challenges and geography specific concerns with PI's global data intelligence and offers you predictive impacts of right-fit solutions.

Your custom dashboard enables planning, investment oversight, progress tracking against key ESG metrics with reporting for stakeholders at all levels of engagement.

The PI for Corporate

For Cities and communities

Using Earth Observation data, socio-economic insights as well as best-practices for mitigation and adaptation, PI will recommend the best-fit suites of solutions for your location’s most pressing sustainability challenges. PI addresses combinations of climate and human wellbeing challenges through integrated multi-benefit/impact solutions proven successful in similar places (contexts) around the world.

The PI for Cities

For Investors

PI provides data driven oversight of impact and progress across (your defined) key sustainability metrics. For investors in climate and sustainability projects, it lends a broad perspective of data-driven insights to empower you to demonstrate to LPs and stakeholders what you mean by impact investing.

The PI for Investors
The Climate Solutions
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Be part of the Planetary Intelligence
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PI aims to gather and share best practices in climate and sustainability interventions,  solutions and innovations. We reference thousands of existing solutions, but there are so many more to be discovered and recommended around the world. Please join our solutions catalogue and help PI teach the world where your solution should be deployed, with which projected impact. The AI powered insights enable the discovery of new contexts where you may not have thought your solution would be useful. The data from your successful deployments helps us project how it would work at scale, in varying contexts and locations, driving new business and investors to you.

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